Choose The Verizon FiOS Services In Philadelphia

What Is FiOS?

FiOS is a name that Verizon has created for their services, which includes the Internet, home phone, and television. The system is run through fiber optic cables, which is able to bring fast Internet speeds, high-quality phone calls, and high definition TV to it’s customers. Cable used to be the most popular type of television back in the day, but now, fiber optics has taken over.

Using fiber optics is a great way of bringing many services into a home, without having to connect to a local cable service. Many people don’t have cable in their area anyways, so Verizon’s FiOS is a very welcomed change, especially since the service tends to be lower in cost and much more reliable.

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What Services Are Available?

Verizon has FiOS in Philadelphia. Those who are looking for phone service can get crisp and clear phone calls through their home phone by using the FiOS service provided by Verizon. It’s possible to make phone calls within the city of Philadelphia, and even international calls are available as well, depending on the plan that is chosen.

Internet service is a very popular service that’s available through FiOS, and the speeds are incredible. It’s possible to get speeds as high as 500 Mbps, which is incredibly fast. The average download speed is around 21 Mbps, which is fast enough to allow a full movie to download within as little as 10 minutes or less. Even the upload speeds are incredible at up to 100 Mbps, which means you can quickly upload videos and pictures online.

The TV service is one of the most desirable services from FiOS, and the service offers hundreds of channels, and at least 100 channels are in HD. Those who have a high definition TV will find a lot of use for the FiOS TV service available through Verizon and will have picture perfect video on their TV as well. It’s even possible to stream movies and videos through portable devices for those who have both the Internet and TV FiOS services.

What Deals Are Available?

Depending on if a bundle is chosen or not, it’s possible to get some great deals through Verizon FiOS. A Double Play is when two different services are chosen, and a Triple Play includes all three services offered by Verizon FiOS. The more services that are chosen, then the better the deal will be.

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