Tech challenges facing by education systems

Although technology is being adopted in almost every known field in the world, the education system is not able to implement the technology to full extent due to some major challenges. In this article, we are listing the 6 major challenges that are being faced by present education systems in adapting the technology.

  1. Professional development: among all the challenges, lack of professional development is the key challenge facing by education systems. Teachers are not able to effectively bring in the new technology into their teaching methods. Most of time, teachers are unprepared and are unable to understand most of technology matters. Even when using technology has made mandatory, teachers don’t have skills to integrate them in their teaching methods.

  1. Resistance to change: the second key challenge facing by educational system is the resistance to change. Teachers and staff of schools and colleges are often believe that experimenting or implementing technology is outside their scope of job descriptions.

  1. MOOCS and some other new models for schools: massive open online course or MOOC is the hottest new topic in the education system at present. New models being used in teaching and learning process in educational systems is providing unprecedented competition to the usual/regular models.

  1. Delivering informal learning: this challenge is related to the third challenge mentioned before in this list. Rigid lecture and test models being used in the learning process are failing in challenging the students to make experiments and to engage in the informal learning process. But opportunities for informal learning can be seen in nontraditional classrooms like flipped classrooms where both formal and informal ways of learning are blended together to challenge the students.

  1. Failure in personalized learning methods: according to a report, there is a huge gap between the actual vision of delivering differentiated and personalize learning and the technologies that are available to make it happen. So while teachers see that there is need for a personalized learning system, they are not being given the proper tools that are needed to make it possible or we can say that there are no adequate tools to make it happen.

  1. Failures in using technology to deliver effective formatted assessments: assessment is an important factor in educational system and in the last few years we can see that there is a welcome rise in the use of formative assessments in the educational systems. However, there is still a gap in how changes in the curriculum and demand for new skills are implemented in the education. Schools don’t make necessary changes in the assessment practices. Simple application of digital media like webcams will allow the teachers and staff to keep an eye on students and to observe their moves which can helpful in providing timely feedback on students.

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