The importance of maintaining playground shelters and school canopies


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School canopies and playground shelters offer a great way to protect children from all kinds of weather conditions. They also enable children to enjoy that all important free time in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and burning off the steam that builds up when they are restricted to the monotony of sitting in the classroom.


However, in order to continue to function properly and to ensure that they always provide the adequate protection, it is important for playground shelters and school canopies to be maintained well. Particularly in freezing or snowy conditions, lots of pressure may be placed upon the canopy, so it is important to ensure regular checks are made so that health and safety rules are adhered to.


On cantilever school canopies, which are fixed to the sides of buildings, it is essential that the fixings are checked on a frequent basis, to ensure that there is no chance of the structure falling down and causing injury. In addition, the main structure should be checked for any signs of damage that may be caused by the weather, such as cracks, wear and tear, or corrosion. It is also important to ensure that after a period of high winds, the structure is still in the correct place.


If there appears to be any damage to the playground shelter, it should be addressed immediately, by contacting the supplier. They will be able to offer advice on how best to rectify the situation, or send an expert to inspect and repair the structure. In the meantime, the affected canopy should be cordoned off and made out of bounds, as it will be a health and safety hazard to children and adults in the area.


Heavy snowfall can also cause problems for shelters and canopies, and can become a health risk if not dealt with immediately. Small amounts of snow can be removed by pushing with a long handled broom or brush. However, large quantities of snow may need to be removed by a professional. When snow or ice is being removed from a shelter, it is important that there is nobody underneath at the time, and that the area is well cleared to prevent any injuries from falling ice or frozen snow.


Playground shelters and school canopies are a great way for schools to provide outdoor play areas that are safe and protected for children, but the canopies require regular maintenance and health checks. Any problems should be rectified immediately to ensure the safety of children at all times.

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