Ways To Help A Struggling Child Through School


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While many students excel in school, and need little to no additional assistance with their schoolwork, other students need parent and teacher intervention to get them on the right track.  We are all responsible for our child’s education.  Often times, the teacher will be alerted if a student is experiencing a learning challenge; however, sometimes it is the parent who first recognizes the struggle to learn.  Whether your child has a learning disability, or they are simply falling behind, here are some ways in which you can help your child be successful in school.

Get Involved

We are all an essential part of an interdisciplinary team aimed at educating our children.  Studies have shown that children whose parents are involved in their education are 70% more likely to do better in school, than those whose parents are not involved in their learning.  Many schools have active programs which attempt to encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s education.  If you have noticed that your child’s grades are beginning to slip, get involved.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Initiate a relationship with your child’s teacher.  I have found that talking to the teacher on a regular basis increases my awareness of how my child is doing in school.  When you have that relationship, you can have an open dialog and your child will benefit.

Motivation is Key

When your child simply isn’t motivated to do well in school, it can be hard to find a way to rekindle their interest in learning.  Many times, when children are struggling in class, they are bored with the material, or cannot understand what is being taught.

Find something that your child is passionate about.  Whether it is reading stories, playing sports, or collecting coins, finding a subject or sport that your child loves to learn about will help motivate them to understand the information.   Try to relate the different subjects to their favorite things.  If your child is struggling in math, I suggest using basketballs when demonstrating division, or using a story problem to describe a situation.  Finding a creative way to present the information can be helpful.


Read with your child as often as possible.  If they cannot read yet, then read to them.  I love to take my children to the library once a week, where they pick out their favorite books and bring them home to read.  It has become a tradition, and one which has made them fall in love with reading.  I started taking them when they were just 3 years old, and the tradition still continues.  Children who love to read have shown to do better in many other subjects as well.


Hiring a tutor is a great option if you are looking for ways to increase your child’s learning ability.  A tutor can be an important part of the educational team that you have put together for your child.  Taking your child in for a few days a week of additional tutoring can help them increase their knowledge, as well as improve their grades.  When children feel confident in their learning abilities, learning becomes fun.  These learning experts often have the educational tools that your child needs to find the fun in learning.

In the classroom, children at taught at a certain pace, and are expected to keep up with the rest of the students in the class.  If your child is falling behind, a tutor can give them that one-on-one attention that will bring them up to speed with the rest of the class.

There are amazing tutors available at affordable rates.  There are many websites online where you can find a teaching professional who will be excited to instruct your child.  Some tutors are even available to visit your home.


Playing and being active is a great way to get the blood flowing.  This can increase circulation to the brain and even help your child to concentrate better.  Once they are through running, jumping, and playing, they will be ready to sit down and focus on the task at hand.  Allow your children to play often.

Being a part of our children’s education is vital.  We are molding the minds of the future, and want our children to have the best opportunities that life has to give.  Keep in mind that there is help available if your child needs some extra coaching.

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