Workplace Harassment Prevention and Training


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The benefits of completing an occupational health and safety training course for your company are many. Your team will be more equipped to deal with incidents of this in the workplace. They will learn about the different types of bullying, its effect on others, and the harm that can be caused to people and the company culture if this behaviour is allowed to continue.

The consequences for workplace bullying need to be harsh if the problem is every going to be eradicated, but because young people are coming into the workforce, they may have come from a background that although incompatible, just needs a few weeks of work to fix.

Most company leaders would choose to work with the team they already have instead of removing people from the workplace. An occupational health and safety consultant can come into your company, analyse the situation, and recommend industry best practises so you can improve your organisational culture from the ground up.

The Effects of Bullying

Bullying in all its forms can have a devastating effect on the victim, the team, and even the company culture. In most cases, bullies are not even aware of what they are doing. They may come from a certain background where certain behaviour is acceptable, and they face the reality that this is not on in the workplace. It’s important to get to new people when they come into the company and inform them of all the expectations. Most businesses choose to implement these courses mainly for new employees, but also for anyone who needs it.

If there has already been an incident, then an offending staff member might be asked to attend a sensitivity training course or something similar that could help them accommodate to the new requirements of the corporate, business world. Very frequently, people just need a bit of a push in the right direction to change their behaviour.

OH & S Training for Serious Cases

Sometimes, there will be a serious incident of workplace bullying in your operations. This can be a sexual harassment case, or in some cases even career sabotage. Most business leaders realise that no single person can do a perfect job and the days of being a hero in the workplace are long gone. Thus, curbing that destructive drive for ambition and self-interests should be a top priority in all companies. They need to re-educate the people coming into the business and motivate the entrenched workers to change through training and raising the bar.

A key component of bully-proofing your organisation is to develop a comprehensive and effective social media and Internet policy. This could involve restrictions on what type of sites users are allowed to visit in your workplace, but is designed mainly to govern their behaviour, even when they are not on duty, so that your brand name and company is never compromised.

Complex Consultancy Services is an Australian provider of short-term and long-term solutions for businesses in need of occupational health and safety training. The company has been serving clients for over a decade and helping them meet legislative requirements as well as to create a safe working space for everyone in the business.

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